Friday 3 July 2020

100 years ago: Motor Cars in South Africa

THE STAR Johannesburg - 1920, July 15 & 22
THE STAR Johannesburg - 1920, July 15

Fitted with every refinement, beautiful in appearance, strong and reliable. Available at Johannesburg Motor Mart, Rissik & Marshall Streets, Johannesburg

THE STAR Johannesburg - 1920, July 22
11˙9 BEAN - The Leader of its Class
The 11˙9 Bean is built on very robust lines to give long and faithful service to its owner even under the most arduous conditions. Hills and bad roads hold no terrors for the Bean. The highly-efficient 11˙9 engine develops more than ordinary power for its size, the springs are large and designed to withstand hard wear, the road clearance ample. One of the finest factories is responsible for its production, and modern manufacturing methods for its very moderate price.
Four cylinder monobloc engine, 69 x 120 mm. Pressure fed lubrication. Zenith carburetor. HT Magneto ignition. Thermo syphon cooling. Leather to metal cone clutch. Three-speed and reverse. Bevel drive. Detachable wheels. Electric starting and lighting.
Chassis £450.   
Standard two-seater £600.   
Four-seater Open Touring Car £650.   
Two-seater Coupe £750. 
Two-seater Coupe £825.
A Harper, Sons & Bean, Ltd. – Works: Dudley, Tipton, and Smethwick, England
Sales organization: British Motor Trading Corporation Ltd.

THE STAR Johannesburg - 1920, July 22

Power on Hills is a distinguishing feature of the new “Wolseley” Fifteen. On ordinary inclines gear-changing is unnecessary, whilst the steepest gradient can be faced with easy confidence.
For a catalogue, write to 
*  Wolseley Motors (SA) Ltd. (Proprietors: Vickers, Ltd.)  - Globe House, 5 Hout Street, Cape Town
*  Johannesburg Motor Mart, Ltd. – Rissik Street, Johannesburg

THE STAR Johannesburg - 1920, July 22

REO Light ‘Six’
The Epitome of Reo Experience. Gracefully balanced on long, low, resilient springs, the new REO Light Six represents the newest ideas in Motor Car Manufacturers.
For particulars and a trial run, Apply to DH Saker & Co. – Johannesburg & Port Elizabeth
Natal Motor Industries – Durban, Natal

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