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Spanish Flu (1918 - 1920)

CAPE ARGUS - 1918, November 6 - 16
Look what doctors and pharmacists recommended in the time of the Spanish Flu in 1918:

INFLUENZA – Be on your Guard
All doctors, nurses and those who come in contact with influenza patients should apply SIBBALENE SKIN OINTMENT to the inside of the nostrils night and morning, because it is highly antiseptic and will prevent infection. SIBBALENE is non-irritant and soothing in its action. It can be used quite freely and without fear of irritation.

"Granny Chamberlain" warned people who had never had INFLUENZA that they had no idea of ​​the suffering caused by it and how stubborn it resisted medical treatment. She says that nothing else provides as much relief as Chamberlain's Cough Remedy, as it removes the pain in the chest, calms the fever and relaxes the entire body. Since the disease can easily turn into pneumonia, one should start using Chamberlains before the cough gets too severe.

DE VOLKSTEM - 1925, 12 Oktober

CAPE ARGUS - 1918, November 6
The System recovers very slowly, owing to the gradual elimination of the poison with which it is filled. The quickest and most efficient way to get rid of the toxin is through the pores of the skin by the use of the Electric Light Bath, followed by Massage. Ask your doctor to prescribe this treatment and come to the Palace Baths, Markham’s Buildings, Adderley & Hout Streets, Cape Town.

CAPE ARGUS - 1918, November 16

Beware of After Complications of Spanish Influenza
Doctors strongly advise the great necessity of building up the system with a reliable Tonic.
TAKE PHOSFERINE – This reliable and beneficial TONIC, renowned throughout the World, is supplied in liquid or tablet form by all Chemists and Stores.
Manufactures by Ashton & Parsons, Ltd., London, E.C.
CAPE ARGUS - 1918, November 16

CAPE ARGUS - 1918, November 16
If attacked, place yourself in your doctor’s hands. If impossible, then act on advice outlined in the following unsolicited testimonial.
Stutterheim, 22nd Oct., 1918
Dear Sir, - I feel that I ought to let you know what a lot of good your Nerve-Pain Specific has done in our house for “Spanish Influenza.” I am recommending it to many. I can safely say it is just splendid. The only pity is that so few know of it as a cure for “Spanish Flu.” It simply cures a patient in 24 hours, it takes away the headache, pain in the limbs, and it also takes away the temperature. I see you have it advertised as a cure for Influenza, but think you can safely say – also for “Spanish Influenza.” For the last 18 months or so I have always had it in the house for Headache and Toothache, and have always found it a certain cure for both. 

A dealer writes: “Please send more Nerve-Pain Specific.  It is taking a prominent part in coping with the Epidemic.”
A remedy for the Cough is also needed, and for this we recommend “LALA’s COUGHCURO,” which is a stimulating expectorant, as advised by the medical authorities.
Nerve-Pain Specific price, 4/-, by post 4/6. LAL’S Coughcuro, price 1/6, by post 2/-
obtainable everywhere.
Health Medicine Co., Chemists, Adelaide, Cape Province.
Wholesale: Lennon Ltd., Petersen, Ltd., Heynes Mathew, Ltd., JW Jagger & Co., Cape Town

CAPE ARGUS - 1918, November 14

Whether you are suffering or recovering from the Influenza Epidemic Attack, NUTRINE – the Ideal Malted Food – gives you back your health. Easily Digested and Nourishing. Strengthens the Nerves and Restores Vitality.
Recommended by the Doctors and Official Medical Journals of South Africa.
Sold by all Chemists and Grocers.

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