Monday 25 May 2020

What should go in a Medicine Cupboard?

CAPE ARGUS - 1939, February 11
The other day a colleague showed me a pamphlet issued by the Department of Labour (USA), presided over by the woman member of the Cabinet, Miss Parkins, and entitled “The Home Medicine Cabinet,” which is sold to the millions of the public at 3d. a copy. A thoughtful womanly act this!

But I think her pamphlet would not satisfy the majority of housewives and, believing so, I am going to supplement it considerably.
At the outset I state two essential precautions:
The cupboard must have a lock which will snap fast of itself and of which mother alone has the key, so that the youngsters cannot open it.

All poisons must be in bottles coloured green or blue and bear a label “Poison” or “Gif” in red letters so that mother herself shall not err. First, I give the main heading, and later my suggestions for them on which, of course, you may improve if you know something else which suits you better.
* Antiseptics for cuts, wounds or scratches and dressing for burns.
Medicine for headaches, and aches or pains.
Medicines for dyspepsia, constipation or the opposite.
Medicines for coughs, colds or mild feverish attacks.
Medicines for fainting or collapse.
Medicine for aches in eye, ear and tooth.
Thermometer, measure-glass, atomizer or spray, throat-brush (curved), syringes, one of glass or vulcanite (2oz.), the other for enemas, and a douche-can (2 pints) of glass in frame and tubing, etc.

Have a look at the article for more suggestions regarding Antiseptics, Pain-Killers, Digestive System, Catarrhs, Rheumatism, Eyes, Teeth, Nose, Toothache, Nose-Bleeding, Earache, Boils, Debility, Malnutrition, Surgical Dressings and Emetics for Poisoning.

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