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CAPE TIMES - 1933, July 8

When I saw pictures of people skiing at FONTEINTJESBERG in the Hex River Mountains, I wondered if this "ski resort" still exists.
THOMAS HUT at Disa Dell on the north-eastern flanks of Brandwacht Peak of the Hex River Mountains forms part of the ‘classic’ Hex Traverse to Ceres, the Hex River Valley or Waaihoek. The Hut was built in 1930 thanks to the combined efforts of the founding members of the Ski Club of South Africa and the Worcester Section of the Mountain Club of South Africa (MCSA), who realised that the slopes of the FONTEINTJESBERG were good for skiing after a heavy snowfall. 

Hugo Myburgh and Miss Beatrice MacLachlan – though less skilled – had both been to “real” winter sports in Switzerland. 

The hut was officially opened after the first snowfalls in the area on 7 August 1931 and was used mostly by skiers, but in 1934 the municipality feared contamination of the stream supplying water to Worcester so they closed access. The MCSA later managed to convince the municipality to allow them access once again. Since then, many improvements have been made to the hut, including the addition of an outside toilet, a stoep and a pergola.

Miss Molly Brown was a very daring novice, and quickly acquired a mastery of the impediments on her feet, while Mr. William Harnett struggled manfully to maintain an upright position. 

The view from the top of Fonteintjesberg is unforgettable, as was the fire we found at the Bain’s Kloof Hotel on our return journey – where we heard of the arrival of Miss Molly Brown’s nephew, Mrs. Frank Dunckley’s baby.

CAPE TIMES - 1933, September 12
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