Sunday 17 May 2020

Well-known Passes in South Africa: 1928 - 1939

CAPE TIMES - 1928, August 18
It may be of interest to note that SIR LOWRY’S PASS was called GANTOUW by the Hottentots, which comes from “kani” (an Eland) and “daos” – i.e., the Eland’s Paths. This would be very appropriate, for it showed that the natives followed the tracks of the eland to get over the other side of the mountain.
In the year 1710 a Junior Merchant in the service of the Dutch East India Company, named Van Putten, climbed the Old Hottentots Holland Pass; near the summit he sat upon a small mound of sandstone which he called his Castle of Rypermonde, and which you may with ease identify. As he idly watched the ascending wagons he was struck by the resemblance of the surrounding rocks to lions, griffins, cats and baboons, even kings crowned and on horseback. One little pile of rocks – which lies just north of the wheel-worn track and slightly above his Castle – he thought like “Erasmus Desiderius (1536 – 1622) with his square cap and long coat as he is depicted in Rotterdam in metal on the Market-square.” (Read more about Erasmus Desiderius, Groote Markt of Rotterdam, blue-bloused peasants in clogs selling cheese in the article on the left.)

CAPE TIMES - 1928, July 11

In July 1928, the Metropolitan Motor Cycle Club held a reliability trial to SIRLOWRY'S PASS, starting from the Pier in Cape Town.

CAPE ARGUS - 1939, February 26

On the newly constructed GYDOO PASS, a few miles beyond Ceres and Prince Alfred Hamlet. Near the summit are extensive apple and pear orchards.

CAPE TIMES - 1933, July 28

Overlooking Fransch Hoek, with the Drakenstein Mountains in the back – the long-wheelbase Dodge Six climbing the new Pass.

CAPE TIMES - 1933, July 29

Over the Re-constructed Road through Bain’s Kloof: More motorists than ever are expected to use this road leading to the Union’s finest touring area – the Southern Cape – now that the surface is in such good condition.

CAPE TIMES - 1933, August 30

Seven Weeks Poort near Ladismith (Cape), is attracting more and more tourists. This picture gives a glimpse of the unusual mountain scenery in the Poort.

CAPE ARGUS - 1939, February 15


Michell’s Pass approaches the town of Ceres from the south-west, connecting it to Tulbagh, Worcester and the Breede River Valley. The road pass was planes by Charles Collier Michell and constructed in 1848 by Andrew Geddes Bain.

CAPE ARGUS - 1939, December 12

Glory of the Cape
Looking back on the fertile valley of Elgin from Viljoen’s Pass.

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