Sunday 10 November 2019

ENO’S Fruit Salt – Nature’s Own Remedy

CAPE ARGUS - 1906, December 22
There is no doubt that where ENO'S Fruit Salt has been taken in the earliest stages of a disease it has in innumerable instances prevented a serious illness. The effect of ENO'S Fruit Salt upon any disordered, sleepless, or feverish condition is simply marvelous and unsurpassed. In fact, it is Nature’s Own Remedy!

(CAPE ARGUS – 1939, February 23)
ENO is accepted by the people of every nation as the finest, safest and most pleasant laxative aid to good health, simply because it keeps the inner system clean and healthful in a safe, gentle but effective manner. Buy a bottle today and you will quickly realize why there is no substitute for ENO. Being in fine powder form and highly concentrated, ENO goes much further and is thus better value than coarse granular substitutes. Comparison proves this – insist on ENO.

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