Saturday 13 July 2019

Citrus Fruit Export from South Africa to London

DE VOLKSTEM - 11 November 1925

The South African CITRUS INDUSTRY has been greatly affected by numerous issues in the country’s ports over recent weeks, but it is hopeful that a resolution is near.
Interesting to see that already in 1925 CITRUS FRUIT had been exported to London. DE VOLKSTEM (1925, Nov. 11) reported on the condition of 30,000 boxes of citrus fruit transported from Durban to London on board the ROMAN STAR. Many of the fruits had a number of marks. The VALENCIA LATE variety was mostly in a very good condition, though some boxes were wilted. ORANGES from Rhodesia were good throughout. Most of the fruit shipped from the Cape and Algoa Bay showed a loss of between 5% and 10%. Fruits from the western parts of the Transvaal have perished between 40% and 50%, and the farmers concerned would thus suffer great losses. Tangerines indicated an average loss of 33%.

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