Tuesday 7 July 2020

What Kind of Soup shall I serve?

CAPE TIMES – 1933, Aug. 30 & Sept. 11    
THE STAR Johannesburg – 1935, July 8 & 10
CAPE TIMES – 1933, August 30
All HEINZ Home-made Style Soups are prepared ready to serve and have the appetizing nourishment of fresh vegetables and other first-quality ingredients.
DELICIOUS flavours to choose from:
*  Cream of Tomato
*  Cream of Asparagus
*  Cream of Celery
*  Cream of Oyster
*  Cream of Green Pea
*  Cream of Mushroom
*  Cream of Spinach
*  Vegetable
*  Mock Turtle
*  Beef Broth
*  Noodle Soup
*  Pepper Pot
*  Mutton Broth
*  Gumbo Creole
*  Bean soup
*  Onion Soup
*  Consommé
*  Clam Chowder
*  Scotch Broth

Choose one of the four 
CAPE TIMES – 1933, September 11
HEINZ Homes-style Soups:
Slow-simmered Chicken Broth with various vegetables and delightful spices.
Carefully chosen mushrooms chopped fine to yield full flavor, cooked in rich thick cream.
A humble vegetable transformed into an irresistibly delightful soup. Now everybody, man and child, will like spinach.
Full-flavoured chicken broth with ribbon noodles and dainty bits of chicken.

THE STAR Johannesburg – 1935, July 8 Discover
Discover for yourself the real goodness of HEINZ Cream of Tomato Soup.
Complete, Ready to Heat and Eat!

THE STAR Johannesburg – 1935, July 10
HEINZ Cream of Spinach Soup is nothing short of splendorous – piquant, charming, salubrious, sublime! Spinach is rushed fresh from the gardens, thoroughly washed, steam-cooked, combined with rich cream, delicately seasoned and carefully simmered.

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