Friday 13 March 2020

Wash your Hands - with Lifebuoy Soap

CAPE TIMES - 1924, April 10
One hand after another …. 
Up and down the handrails of stairs in shops, factories, offices, railway stations, healthy hands, unhealthy hands, follow each other in continuous procession.
These hands need something more than cleanliness alone to protect them from the dust-laden germs of disease. They need the antiseptic protection which comes with the cleanliness of Lifebuoy Soap.
From the handrail to other parts of the body, the arms and face; from the handrail to the chubby cheek of an infant, to the curly head of a child; from the handrail to the food we eat, the clothes we wear, the articles we use –
There is no limit to the reasons for the use of Lifebuoy Soap, morning, noon and night.
It keeps the skin antiseptically clean and protected. It is an ideal Toilet Soap from the point of view of hygiene. Its lather is fresh, free, invigorating.
Lifebuoy Soap – The LEVER on Soap is a Guarantee of Purity and Excellence.

Here's some information from Lifebuoy to help you stay one step ahead. 

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