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Best Bicycles: 1906 - 1939

CAPE ARGUS - 1906, July 27
CAPE ARGUS - 1906, July 27

Raleigh Cycles
Admitted by all to be the World’s Best Bicycle, fitted with Free Wheel, 2 Rim Brakes, Tool Bag, Tools, Inflator and Clips complete.

CAPE ARGUS - 1906, July 
Rudge-Whitworth Cycle
Ask for the finest and most beautifully illustrated book ever published about Bicycles – post free.
50 models: £7to £15 15s.

CAPE ARGUS -1906, December 5
New Hudson Cycles
The Leading British Make fitted with every Up-To-Date Improvement for making cycling easy and pleasurable; and including a number of detail improvements especially valuable for South African use.

CAPE ARGUS - 1906, December 5

Raleigh Cycles are and always have been the World’s Best. Prices to suit all pockets. See our Rheebuck at 
£7. Easy payments arranged. 

CAPE ARGUS - 1906, December 20
Rudge-Whitworth Cycle
Expert Cyclists take their stand on the Rudge-Whitworth Catalogue – the most complete guide which describes the details of Britain’s Best Bicycle.

THE STAR Johannesburg - 1918, January 29

Raleigh – Rigid, Rapid, Reliable
Rigidity by its extreme strength of design; Rapidity by its beautiful construction and Reliability by the excellence of material and labour employed. With Dunlop tyres and Sturmey-Archer 3-speed gear, perfect!

THE STAR Johannesburg - 1918, February 5
Raleigh – The All-Steel Bicycle
“There are no roads at all, only narrow paths through the forests, just wide enough for one man to walk, along,” writes Mr. Percy Last, a Uganda missionary, “but my Raleigh is perfectly right and as silent as the grave. I am more than ever convinced of the value of it.”
Guaranteed for Ever – the famous all-steel bicycle, with Dunlop tyres and Sturmey-Archer 3-speed gear, is as good in jungle as on track.

THE STAR Johannesburg - 1918, February 28
Ride a B.S.A. Cycle
There are numerous occasions in every home and business place when it would be a convenience and a saving of valuable time to have a bicycle handy. Shopping, delivering urgent messages, business calls, are a few of the things which can be easily and rapidly accomplished by cycling.
Ride a B.S.A. - Perfect in every part, and ensure years of reliable service. The few shillings difference between a genuine B.S.A. and a so-called cheap machine is more than counter-balanced by the freedom from trouble and expense which B.S.A. quality gives.
Every Part of a B.S.A. Bicycle is Guaranteed Interchangeable.

CAPE ARGUS - 1918, November 18
Have you tried a Cycling Holiday?
In congenial company you can take the most interesting and delightful routes – breaking your journey just when and where you desire. Cycling will double the enjoyment and benefit of your holiday besides being much more economical than the railway.
Ride a B.S.A. Bicycle – Perfect in Every Part – and ensure cycling under perfect conditions. B.S.A. quality material and workmanship is known the world over. Every genuine B.S.A. Bicycle bears the trade mark of the three piled rifles.

THE STAR Johannesburg - 1920, July 22

B.S.A. Cycle – “Perfect in every part.”
Why not cycle those unpleasant journeys and reach your destination quicker and in comfort on a B.S.A. Bicycle? The economy, pleasure and health derived from a B.S.A. Bicycle will soon repay the initial cost. All B.S.A. parts are guaranteed interchangeable.

CAPE ARGUS - 1939, January 19
Raleigh – Easy Running
Raleigh cycling will be a new experience for the enthusiast – every part of this reliable cycle has been designed for easy-running and effortless riding. The Raleigh cycle has a fine quality steel frame, heavily enameled, ensuring a beautiful rust-proof finish. The saddle is super-strong. It pays to buy a Raleigh – the cycle with miles more wear.

Point 5 of Raleigh Perfection: HUBS
The Raleigh is Easy-riding. Ball bearings of specially hardened steel are fitted to Hubs, gear wheel and pedals. Automatic Free Wheel.

CAPE ARGUS - 1939, March 20
Strength and Endurance
Get the best out of cycling with a Raleigh – built by craftsmen for long life and dependability. All Raleigh cycles have chromium-plated spokes – the frame and mudguards are beautifully enameled with a special long wearing finish. These features keep your cycle smart. Get on to trouble-free cycling right away – get on to a Raleigh!

Point 2 of Raleigh Perfection: FORKS
Raleigh forks are tremendously strong and rigid. The crown is pressed from a single piece of steel – ensuring immense strength with exceptional lightness. Exclusive to Raleigh cycles.

CAPE ARGUS - 1939, March 20
Speed with Safety
Mile after mile of safe, effortless riding is yours when you buy a Raleigh. This famous cycle is fitted with extra dependable brakes, a super sprung saddle and many other refinements including chromium-plated steel spokes. Raleigh cycles incorporate the best design and the best workmanship – yet the cost is within reach of every cyclist’s pocket.

Point 1 of Raleigh Perfection: BRAKES
Every Raleigh cycle has rim-type action Brakes fitted with extra durable brake blocks, giving ease of control and long wear.

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