Saturday 1 February 2020

Sexy Swimwear for Men & Women

CAPE ARGUS - 1918, November 30
Meridian Swim Suits
The top of this smart swimsuit “zips” away if desired, to leave slick, tailored trunks.
Be sure you see the new Meridian range before you choose a swimsuit. You’ll be amazed that such high quality should cost so little.
Ask your Outfitter to show you Meridian – the perfect swimwear. In all styles, for men, women & children.
CAPE ARGUS - 1939, October 9

Men’s Bathing Costumes
Regulation One-Piece Costume (Navy, Trimmed White). Bathing Slips to wear with above. Suit with Skirt (Navy, Trimmed white). Canadian Two-Piece Suit (Navy)Boy’s Bathing suits. White Beach Shoes for Boys and Men. Bath Towels. Towelling Gowns. Lawley’s Ltd., Longmarket Street, Cape Town
New 1940 Swim Suits for Men
Latest styles tailored to fit!
  •          “Jantzen” All-Wool bathing trunks with ¼ skirt & belt. Green, Navy, Royal, Maroon or Brown.
  •          “Jantzen” Bathing trunks: HALF-HITCH de Luxe with tunnel belt. Well-tailored for snug fit. All wool. Navy, Green, Maroon or Royal.
  •         “Jantzen” All-Wool bathing trunks: ZIP-HITCH with tunnel belt and Zipp front. Superior made in shades of Navy, Maroon, Green or Royal.
  •          “Jantzen” SUEDESHEEN” bathing trunks of Wool & Elastic. Excellent quality and snug fit. Popular shades of Navy or Dark Green.
  •         “Gantner HI-BOY” bathing trunks: Well-knit from pure wool yarns, in shades of Royal or Black. Durable quality.
  •         “Gantner BOSUN” bathing trunks: Superior quality of Art. Silk. In Gold with white belt. Soft texture.
  •          “Gantner WIKIES”: Wool & Elastic knit. Bathing trunks strike a smart note for bathing wear. Excellent quality, in shades of Navy or Royal.

Available at Fletcher’s & Cartwright’s Ltd.
CAPE ARGUS - 1939, October 2
Heavy Canadian Bathing Costumes for Women

Designed to permit perfect freedom of swimming action. Well-fitting and becoming in Navy, Saxe, Old Rose, Cerise and Tango.
Bathing Caps in all the Newest Colours.
Norman Anstey’s, Johannesburg

THE STAR Johannesburg - 1918, January 17 
Heat wave clothes

The holiday week-ends are almost here and the sensible girl will see that she has chosen her beach clothes before the prettiest have been sold from the Cape Town shops. Here you see a playsuit which has white linen shorts and a brassiere top of thick, gaily printed silk in colourings to match the cork and cloth sandals.
CAPE ARGUS - 1939, December 14

Hotter in Durban
It’s hotter in Durban than it is in Cape Town, with the result that these children are allowed to attend classes dressed merely in bathing trunks or short trousers. “They work better like this,” their teacher declares.
CAPE ARGUS - 1939, February 6  
Keeping fit on Durban beach
Scenes like this take place on the beach at Durban every morning now that physical culture classes have been started under the auspices of the Municipal Entertainment Department.
CAPE ARGUS - 1939, December 20

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