Monday, 6 January 2020

RIMMEL'S Choice Perfumery

CAPE ARGUS - 1875, March 6

RIMMEL’S Choice Perfumery – patronized by all the World.
  • RIMMEL’S Etoile du Nord, Duke of Edinburgh’s Royal Bridle, Ihlang-Ihlang, Jockey Club, Frangipane, and other Perfumes of Exquisite fragrance.
  • RIMMEL’S Lavender Water – distilled from Micham Flowers, and Improved Florida Water.
  • RIMMEL’S Toile Vinegar – celebrated for its useful and sanitary properties.
  • RIMMEL’S Extract of Lime Juice and Glycerine – the best preparation for the Hair, especially in warm climates.
  • RIMMEL’S Aquadentine – for whitening the Teeth, refreshing the mouth, and purifying the Breath.
  • RIMMEL’S Glycerine, Honey, Windsor and other Toilet Soaps.
  • RIMMEL’S Rose Water, Costume, Fan, Conversation, and Floral Crackers – very amusing for Parties
  • RIMMEL’S Violet, Rose-Leaf, Rice, Velvetine and other Toilet Powders.

A liberal allowance to shippers. Trade list at 96, Strand.
Eugéne Rimmel, Perfumer to H.R.H. the Princess of Wales
96, Strand Street
128, Regent Street
24, Cornhill Street, London
17, Boulevard de Italiens, Paris
6, King’s Road, Brighton
Sold by all Perfumery Vendors.

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