Friday 8 November 2019

Vaal-Hartz Water Scheme

THE STAR Johannesburg - 1935, July 9 & August 31 

The 100ft wide channel on the Transvaal side of the Vaal-Hartz dam along which the Vaal River is now being diverted while the main wall of the Vaalbank Dam is being built up from the Transvaal side of the river that has been pumped dry.

The largest breakwater scheme yet built in the Christiana area has just been completed in the Vaal river opposite the town. 
The work was started some months ago by the syndicate of Johannesburg men, with Mr. AJ Ackerman, a well-known local diamond digger in charge. 
A wall was built across the river and a channel cut along the bank on the Free State side for deflecting the water (writes our Christiana correspondent). The object is to dewater a large portion of the river for the purpose of digging for diamonds in the river bed which has not previously been worked. It is expected that digging operations will begin on a very large scale within a fortnight.

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