Tuesday 9 July 2019

TIPS to SAVE MONEY - 1918 & 1925

THE STAR Johannesburg - 1918
From the earliest years, people have made plans to save. 
Take a look at the following tips to save CLOTHING, SOAP, RAZOR BLADES and TINS.

ATLAS DRY CLEANERS AND DYERS encouraged people to save on their CLOTHES by sending it for DRY CLEANING and DYEING. They promised clothes will be returned AS GOOD AS NEW - cleaned and PAINTED with the best GERMAN paints.
(DE VOLKSTEM - 1925, 19 Oct.)

In 1918 the cost of soap had gone up and people had to be more sparing of soap. By using a WIRE SOAP HOLDER, fastened to the wall in the bathroom, the air could circulate around and beneath it. The soap could dry very quickly. Apparently oval cakes of soap waste less than those having square corners.
(THE STAR Johannesburg - 1918, 17 Jan.)

In 1918 the cost of new SAFETY RAZOR BLADES reached incredible heights and it became very scarce. Stuttaford’s offered a SHARPENING SERVICE, promising an edge to the dullest blade to give a quick, velvety shave.
(THE STAR Johannesburg - 1918, 21 Feb.)

Smokers could reduce their TOBACCO BILLS by delivering EMPTY Hartley’s Lead Seal TINS or Hartley’s No. 19 TINS to F.H. Hartley & Son at the Magaliesburg Station.
(THE STAR Johannesburg - 1918, 21 Feb.)

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