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SPINACH as a Meal-Time Tonic

CAPE TIMES - 1933, July 21

SPINACH is a seasonable vegetable with Blood-Giving Properties. With its unique flavor, spinach is one of the finest natural tonics and contains excellent properties for enriching the blood – all of these are very good reasons for including it in the family menu. Spinach must be young and freshly gathered – carefully picked, stalks removed and every leaf washed. After washing, the leaves must be placed in a large stew pan with just enough boiling water to prevent the pan from burning. Simmer from fifteen to twenty minutes, frequently pressing the spinach down with a wooden spoon. Drain in a colander, then chop it fine and rub it through a sieve. Return to the pan, add salt and pepper and a nut of butter, then stir until hot. A squeeze of lemon improves the flavor.

Please read the article for RECIPES for:
* SPINACH with POACHED EGGS and cheese
* SPINACH PIE with bread crumbs and cheese
* SPINACH CROQUETTES for breakfast – add chopped hard-boiled eggs and sausage
* SPINACH SOUFFLE with butter, flour, stock, eggs & cream
* SPINACH MOULD – pureed spinach with butter, flour and eggs

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