Saturday 27 July 2019

New Star Hotter than Six Suns

THE STAR Johannesburg – 1935, 9 August

In December 1934 Prof. Vorontsov Velyaminov from Moscow discovered a NEW STAR which was said to be six times hotter than the sun and to flash more brilliantly than any other star. It was discovered in the constellation of Hercules. According to Prof. Velyaminov the star reached such brilliancy in the middle of December that it could be seen through ordinary prismatic field-glasses. The Moscow Observatory took many photographs of the star’s spectrum. Velyaminov studied the photographs and discovered that the star was surrounded by an extensive and exceedingly rarefied gaseous mist which was many milliard times less than that of ordinary air. The temperature of the star became six times than that of the sun and made it one of the hottest luminaries known to science.

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