Thursday 25 July 2019

“Golden Jubilee” in ROYAL HOUSE

THE STAR Johannesburg – 1935, July 29

Monsieur Henri Cedard, King Edward’s Principal Chef, celebrated his “Golden Jubilee” in the Royal Household where he has also served King George. 
Mr. Cedard prepared meals for almost every Royal personage of the period and has devised many dishes that have since become famous in the restaurants of the world. Both King Edward and King George preferred simple, homely dishes to rich and elaborate ones. King Edward was very fond of a grilled double cutlet of English lamb. Sole, white-bait and salmon were the fish he liked best and he was very fond of good fruit. He hated to spend long over his meals and set half an hour as the time limit for dinner.

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  1. Hello! I am Henri Cedard's grandson, currently writing a story of his very exciting life from almost nothing to everything a cook could expect to be. If you have any details concerning him, please let me know!


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