Tuesday, 5 May 2020

It does not take much to signify a changed world.

CAPE ARGUS – 1939, February 20
It may be only a steadier footstep 
that tells of a hitherto drunken husband coming soberly down the street. 
It may only be a change in the voice, only a kiss. 
It was a mere olive leaf that told Noah a new world was waiting for him. 
It was only floating driftwood that told Columbus his long, dreary voyage 
was coming to an end. 
A wedding ring may not be of much value compared with other jewels, 
but its meaning is much more: 
it can tell a story of love and trust richer in its telling 
than any other of earth’s stories.” 
Lines from Sunday’s sermon
Colonel Edward H. Joy, Congregational Church, Rondebosch.

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