Monday 13 January 2020

MONTESSORI Children's House, Garden School & Preparatory School in Cape Town

CAPE TIMES - 1924, & CAPE ARGUS - 1939, January 18
Boys and Girls from 2 years of age taken for any length of time to suit Parents and Guardians.
Simple, natural, happy home life. Suitable food and healthy conditions, combined with modern education, under the direct care of the PRINCIPAL and TRAINED NURSE.
Children attending other Schools also taken as Boarders.
School for Morning Scholars & Day Boarders.
Full responsibility taken of Children whose Parents wish to go to the Empire Exhibition.
Re-opening: April 8.
Two References required.
Phone 1031 Claremont
For particulars apply:
Grove Road, Rondebosch

Where can we place our children knowing that they will be properly, scientifically and judiciously cared for? 
At some time or another this problem faces most parents, when it becomes necessary through illness or travel for parents and children to be separated. It is difficult to find a place for the children that captures the home atmosphere, that does not close during holidays, and where one may leave children with the absolute assurance that they will be cared for with attention only second to that one gives them oneself. Little Guests and Big Guests of 2 years to 16 years.

THE MONTESSORI Preparatory School for Day Scholars and Boarders is the ideal place for boys and girls. There is a school attached for primary aged children, while older children attend schools in the immediate vicinity. The Principal of the MONTESSORI is MISS MARRIOTT, who has made a special study of Child Nature and Psychology, assisted by trained nurses and assistants.
“Balgay,” Main Road, Wynberg, Cape Town
Phone 7-4490
Write for illustrated brochure.

(CAPE ARGUS - 1939, January 18)

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