Wednesday 18 December 2019

MOSSEL BAY News – 1886, 1933 & 1939

CAPE TIMES – 1933, July 8
The Poort, Mossel Bay
The Mossel Bay Municipality, now that it has hired the foreshore from the Harbour Administration, will be able to carry out its improvement plans which it has had under consideration for the past 20 years. Above is a view of the Poort, the fine natural bathing pool, which is one of Mossel Bay’s principal attractions.

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Goedemoed Farm, Mossel Bay
CAPE TIMES - 1886, August 7
The Insolvent Estate of Helgart Muller, GOEDEMOED in the Mossel Bay District, will be sold by Public Auction on Tuesday, August 17, 1886. Mr. TS Sheard will be the auctioneer.
This splendid, valuable and well-known farm is situated about 12 miles from Mossel Bay. It is some 2 400 Morgen in extent, has Plentiful Supply of Water and Extensive Arable Lands. As a Cattle, Sheep and Ostrich Farm it is unsurpassed, and the Homestead and other Buildings are large and in an excellent state of repair. 
Among the Live-stock, Household Furniture and other Movables, which will be sold at the same time, may be specially mentioned 14 fine Horses and Mares, about 400 Sheep, a well-bred Bull, 13 Ostriches, Oxen, a large Wagon, Carts, Blacksmith’s Tools, etc.
ER Syfret & S Short are Joint Trustees.

Mossel Bay Aerodrome
CAPE ARGUS - 1939, February 1
Aerodrome opened: Mrs. Fourie, mother of Senator APJ Fourie, Minister of Railways and Harbours, cutting the ribbon at the official opening of the Mossel Bay aerodrome.

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