Tuesday 3 December 2019

Cape Wines in 1886

CAPE ARGUS - 1886, May 31
There is a greater “potency of wealth” in the news that comes from London, of Cape light wines selling freely at the Exhibition, than in all the gold news with which we are just now being titillated. The news is intensely gratifying, and promises well for an ultimate return for the large sum (to us) which we have sunk in the Exhibition; but it is still more gratifying to hear, as we lately have heard upon the most competent authority, that there is really some excitement amongst the wine farmers themselves, owing to the complete success which has attended the venture of a few of their number who have tested Baron von Babo’s methods by preparing in each case just one or two vats according to his directions. The wine so prepared, is clear and of beautiful quality; far superior to anything to which the wine farmers have been accustomed. Next year every one who has made the experiment will have the whole of his vintage so prepared, so that should a demand be created for good Cape wine, in a short time we shall be in the proud position of having the article with which to meet the demand. It is needless to say that not only will those who have thus prepared part of their vintage next year devote the whole of their crop to the improved processes, but their neighbours, convinced of what can be done, will come over to the same ways, and thus there is a better prospect for the farmer, out of his own progress, than from any legislation which could be devised.


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