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Strand Golf Club

CAPE ARGUS - 1939, March 21
Mr. CL Murray presided at the annual general meeting of The Strand Golf Club last night. The annual report depreciated the lack of interest in the club shown by members. The report indicated that financially the club had never been in a stronger position. The total membership of the club is 179.
The election of office-bearers resulted as follows:
President: Mr. PHB Faure
Vice-presidents: Messrs. JG Morkel, HJH Claassens and CL Murray
Captain: Mr. Geo P Neill
Vice-captain: Mr. PJ Benade
Secretary: Mr. HC Solly
Treasurer: Mr. A Friedman
Committee: Messrs. I Black, HH Louw and EB Philip
Mr. Benade spoke in favour of a new club house. Personally, he favoured a 19th hole if it could be done legally. Mr. T Fox expressed the view that visitors should be catered for. The ideal would be to build a club house on the beach. Mr. Benade said a club house on the beach under existing circumstances would be impossible because of the expense.
G Bryant, who was formerly a caddie at the Royal Sydney Golf Club, but is now a professional in New Zealand, will in future do his coaching on the high seas.
He has been engaged as a permanent professional for the new 27 155-ton liner, Dominion Monarch, which is now on her maiden voyage to Australia and New Zealand. He will take up his unusual occupation as a sea-going golf professional when the liner leaves Auckland on her return voyage to England in April.
The shipowners will supply nets, mats, clubs and balls. Passengers wishing to have tuition will pay a small fee per lesson.

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