Saturday, 21 September 2019

The Secret of Happiness

CAPE ARGUS – 1939, February 20
Lines from Sunday’s sermon
The mother of Sir Samuel Hoare wrote some striking words in her will. ‘I die in the firm belief that the true happiness of life consists of Something to do, Someone to love, and Something to hope for.’ The Secret of Happiness could hardly be better put. But the success turns upon the quality of the Something to do, the character of the Someone to love, and the nature of the Something to hope for. It is here that the Christian faith stands unchallengeably supreme. It offers Something for even the poorest and lowliest to do – the interpreting of the life and death of Jesus in terms of daily life; it offers Someone to love – Jesus; it offers Something to hope for – a land of lights and eternal love.” – The Rev. R. Barr, Presbyterian Church, Mowbray.

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