Friday 6 September 2019

The Mossie and the Mirror

CAPE ARGUS – 1939, January 19
Noel Roberts wrote:
“A few days ago, my attention was attracted by a sharp tapping on my window, and looking up, I saw a little cock-sparrow admiring his reflection in the window pane. He evidently took the mirrored image of himself to be another bird, as he bowed politely, and chirped a cheery “How-d’ye-do.” The “Spadger” in the window also bowed – but said nothing. This annoyed Mr. “Mossie,” and his irritation was increased by the rudeness of Mr. Spadger, who silently mimicked his every movement.
In a short while Mossie had worked himself up into a furious rage, beating his wings and pecking at his adversary in the glass; then retiring, only to charge again, dashing himself against the pane with such force that I began to be afraid he would injure himself or break the window.
This battle continued at intervals all through the day, and was renewed at dawn the next morning.
As the bird appeared to be thoroughly enjoying this new game, I tried an experiment by fixing a small circular mirror just inside the open window, and for days afterwards Mr. Mossie would come and amuse himself by tilting at his reflection, to the great amusement of my visitors.
So intent was he on his game, that he took no notice of anyone in the room, and he allowed me to secure this photograph at a distance of only three feet!”

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