Thursday 15 August 2019

Folding Canoe & other interesting inventions

CAPE TIMES - 1933, July 18
CAPE ARGUS – 1951, November 3
Folding Canoe

This canoe folds up to fit into a rucksack. It weighs 6 pounds and is 15.5 feet.
Years later, an  Israeli designer for Tsor Design Studios, ORI LEVIN, created a Folding Canoe, the ADHOC, that assembled in about 5 minutes and weighed only 4.1 kg.

At an International Exhibition in Frankfurt, Germany, were a Three-Wheeler Light Car (top speed 31 m.p.h.) and an ultra-lightweight auto-cycle with a 49 cc. engine.
(CAPE ARGUS – 1951, November 3)

This is a model of a new design, evolved in Russia, for high-speed water travel. It consists of two hydro-plane hulls carrying the promenade decks between them, the cabins in the hulls, and the bridge in a little tower on the “roof”. A boat of this description would, the designers consider, cruise cheaply at over 40 miles an hour.

(CAPE ARGUS – 1951, November 3)

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