Sunday 21 July 2019

Women Pioneers - Thorough & Devoted to their Jobs

CAPE TIMES - 1933, 10 & 18 August
THE STAR Johannes burg - 1938, 13 January
Reading through the old newspapers I noticed several articles about WOMEN who were PIONEERS on their fields, as they were Thorough and Devoted to their jobs.

In 1933 Mrs. CD Rackham, a member of the Royal Commission of Unemployment Insurance in London, made a statement that Women formed an essential part of Commerce and Industry in 1933, not because they took less wages, but because they were so thorough and devoted to their work.
Mrs. Rackham mentioned that women were not encroaching on men’s jobs, as modern industry had become divided into work specialized in by men and into work specialized in by women. 
There was a trend that women undersold men by taking lower wages, and that could be answered by the charge that it was disgraceful of employers to offer women less than men. Women were worth far more than they were getting. Men did not have a women secretary because she was a few pound or shillings cheaper. In dozens of city offices the heads of the business all had women secretaries, as women were a necessity in commercial life. (CAPE TIMES - 1933, 10 August) 

In 1933 Miss Marjorie Douglas, sister of Captain Rod Douglas, had been awarded the BELLIN CUP for the Most Efficient Pilot among members of the Johannesburg Light Aeroplane Club. She received this award for the second time in 3 years.
Competition for the cup was divided into 3 sections – a landing competition, a bombing competition and a written examination. Miss Douglas won both the bombing competition and the written competition, while Mr. E Mauritzi won the landing competition. Miss Douglas was first with a total of 91% and Dr. B Mundell was second with an aggregate of 83%. (CAPE TIMES - 1933, 18 August)
ANNA SCHETININA was one of the first ladies to become the captain of a Soviet ship. Here she is seen in the radio cabin of the steamer “Chavicha” on a trip between Vladivostok and the Kamchatka Peninsula. (THE STAR Johannesburg - 1938, 13 January)

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