Wednesday, 22 May 2019

FORD Agency taken over in South Africa

THE STAR Johannesburg - 1935, Aug. 5
On Aug. 5, 1935, one of the most important deals in the South African Motor Trade was completed when Messrs. Eriksen & Clothier acquired the FORD dealership interests of Messrs. Herholdt & King, Ltd. (authorised Ford dealers for the last 12 years.) The workshops and service station will be extended and the staff & workshop personnel – mostly men with long experience in FORD service - will remain. 
Almost 84 years later, on 20 May 2019, @kirstenkorosec reported that FORD MOTOR might be laying off 7,000 salaried employees as part of a restructuring plan to reduce bureaucracy, cut costs and turn the automaker into a more agile company prepared for a future that extends beyond its traditional business of producing and selling cars and trucks.

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